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Download this ebook written by maybe written by a physiotherapist, prenatal yoga teacher and pregnancy & postnatal wellness specialist, Rosie. Learn how to get back into shape after pregnancy whilst allowing your body to heal. 

Not sure how to safely get back into exercise postpartum? 

Introducing a new life into your family can bring a whirlwind of change and bursting emotions. Not knowing how to exercise and get back into shape while your new body is healing can be stressful.

Mummas, we’re here to help you. Download this free postnatal exercise ebook and feel confident knowing the advice you are getting is trusted and approved by health professionals! 

What you will learn:

  • How to manage the first 40 days
  • The 6th week check up
  • Why & how to do pelvic floor exercises
  • When and how to get back into impact exercises
  • Breastfeeding and exercise
  • Impact of exercise on your baby’s growth
  • Other important considerations you may not have thought of

You don’t have to be confused anymore – download your copy of the postnatal pregnancy exercise ebook!

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