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About Us

Our Values

Bouncing Forward.

We are changed forever after creating, growing and birthing babies; but we can re-form into a stronger, wiser, more connected version of ourselves. Think of our garments as your secret weapon for bouncing forward into the next journey stronger than ever.

We know movement is medicine.

For our body, mind and soul. We want you to be both supported and armed with the knowledge to  move well, and feel well. That's medicine.

The Goldilocks principle.

Our bodies - in particular our pelvic floor - needs just the right amount of support to thrive. A lack of support hinders function of pelvic muscles and their role in supporting continence and the  pelvic organs; the same challenges occur with overactive muscle and connective tissue systems Everform delivers Intelligently designed, anatomically balanced support so you can tackle the taboo and invest in a thriving you.

Knowledge is power.

We are in the business of high quality, no-stone-unturned research, technical learning, customer co-design,  and information transfer. The stuff you really wish someone gave you a heads up about (we promise to be your heads up). Because together, we can redefine lines and limits.

Threads with a Purpose.

Our purpose is to redefine how well women move and live. We stand by an unwavering commitment to quality, intelligently crafted products with a conscience. We work with the best chemical free materials, and choose recycled and sustainable materials wherever we can, whilst maintaining the form and function we are committed to.

A Letter from our Founder

Everform isn't just activewear; it's a celebration of the incredible power within motherhood—the strength, the resilience, the magic.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to inspire a lifestyle that embraces every single moment and encourages you to live life to the absolute fullest. I believe every woman carries a unique strength, a resilience sculpted by the experiences along her journey—a life not confined by her body or story but liberated as we bounce forward into our 'Everform.'

Let's embrace this journey together. #BounceForward, #Everforming, #WearYourStrength—more than hashtags, these are rallying cries for the amazing, unstoppable force that is you.

Rosie Dumbrell, Founder of Everform

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