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Move Confidently. Move Safely.

Everform is designed to prioritise your pelvic health to keep you moving safely.

Physiotherapist designed for anatomical form support. Mum approved for comfort and confidence. We have clinically tested our therapywear to enhance pelvic muscle function.

Works in 3 Ways

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Patent pending FemmeCore™ compression panel lifts the pelvic floor. Pregnancy puts downward pressure on the pelvic floor muscles. Everform’s targeted compression ratios enhance pelvic floor muscle tone during wear - with the aim to reduce risk of pelvic floor disorders.


The inbuilt Sacroiliac support band aligns joints, relieving pain associated with pregnancy hormones. This belt provides Pelvic Girdle Support and immediate joint pain relief. 50-70% of pregnant women suffer joint pain disabling pelvic or lower back pain during pregnancy.


Engineered compression panels (The bump sling™) support posture, reduce abdominal separation, and alleviate ligament strain to prevent.


FemmeCore™ is a patent-pending compression panel that lifts your pelvic floor to aid post birth recovery. It improves pelvic floor tone, reducing the risk of long-term pelvic floor disorders like prolapse and incontinence.


The sacroiliac support band intelligently supports the healing tummy through C section and diastasis recti recovery. It realigns the bladder, while the compression provided across the lower abdomen band assists restoring pelvic floor, bladder and urethral alignment.


Targeted compression ratios stabilise alignment and support recovery, giving you the freedom to move confidently with less discomfort and enhance the speed and quality of recuperation. Our patent pending abdominal to pelvic floor core support ratios assist bladder support for incontinence recovery.





Traditional compression garments have an overemphasis on abdominal support which can have a negative effect on the pelvic floor and its support function. Incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse can occur if pelvic weakness is left untreated

Bump Sling TM
supports posture, abdominal separation, 
& ligament strain

Relieves Back and 
Pelvic Girdle pain
via sacroiliac belt

Medical Grade compression relieves venous pressure 
and swelling

built-in Pelvic floor trainer

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