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Lenny Rose Support products (Sacred Support Maternity Leggings, Sacred Support Maternity Shorts, Recover Postpartum Support Shorts) are considered a medical compression garment, designed to aid with the recovery and health of pregnant and new mums.

As these (as well as our bras) are listed on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Register, you may receive a rebate on these products, depending on your level of insurance. 

Your product may be claimable under one of the following categories: Aids and Appliances, Orthoses, Splints, Medical compression garments.

To claim your rebate simply print the rebate form (PDF) and take this to your health care provider such as your Obstetrician, Physio, GP or specialist, and ask them to fill in the details and sign. Once the form is completed, send the rebate letter and your invoice to your private health insurer.

Please note: We recommend speaking to your health insurer to determine whether you are eligible for a rebate, as different insurers and plans have different eligibility critera.


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