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Lower Body & Booty Pregnancy Workout

Rosie Rosie
3 minute read

Lower Body & Booty Pregnancy Workout

Hello to our lovely Everform Community! Today we explore all things lower body appropriate for a Pregnancy workout! With so much content out there, it’s important to turn to sources you trust – Physiotherapist, Yoga + Pilates teacher + former fitness trainer, Rosie, shares her top tips for lower body workouts during pregnancy.

We know the myriad of benefits of staying active during pregnancy – (improved body image, energy, stamina, confidence in your body’s innate ability to birth your baby, reduced risk of Gestational Diabetes, reduced risk of postnatal depression, to name a few) But it’s important to get the right advice with training in Pregnancy so you can feel confident you are doing both yourself and your bubba a service.

My go-to lower body dominant exercises include walking, stationary cycling + some specific leg strengthening exercises. It's important to start from a place of good pelvic floor strength, and so think about this as a foundation. My go-to lower body workouts will include squats (especially my supercharged core variation featuring a wall squat with a ball between your knees), sit to stand, split squats, bridges with a foam roller (first trimester/ early pregnancy -avoid once you no longer feel comfortable laying on your back) crab walks / pelvic stability taps with a theraband or booty band above your knees. Having said this, there is such a large variation of symptoms, and of severity – so some of these exercises may not feel appropriate for you if you have pubic symphysis pain or sacroiliac joint pain – always worth seeing your health professional for a tailored exercise + rehab plan to keep you on track in this case! Compression products can support any discomfort and encourage safe movement. See the Everform Pregnancy support range. 

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We know that there is anatomical connection between the pelvic floor and the deep glutes, and so we want to ensure we have strong + well functioning glutes to help alleviate load on the already loaded pelvic floor, as the pelvic floor can become overactive + overloaded if the glutes aren’t doing their job (and vice versa!). Once you have mastered the art of pelvic floor activation, we want to make it functional/ practical as soon as possible, and so practicing on an exhale movement with sit to stand, and coordinating with your glute activation is a great place to start. Once you have mastered this, and have no other pelvic niggles, then head on over to take part in this short lower body home workout I have recorded for you here.

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