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A podcast by Lenny Rose Active

Welcome to the mama Matters podcast, whether you’re expecting, you’ve recently given birth or you’re just starting along your fertility journey – it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and sort fact from fiction. Your host, is Lenny Rose Active founder, Rosie Dumbrell. With her background as a physiotherapist and pregnancy expert, her aim is to provide an easily digestible, up to date and evidence-based approach to pregnancy, birth and motherhood with a side dose of humour along the way.

With interviews from the industry’s leading experts and the experience of her own adventures as a mother to three gorgeous boys under four – she wants to share the stuff that helps to bring confidence throughout the motherhood Journey. Mama Matters is a podcast by Lenny Rose Active and this is what you can expect to hear in upcoming episodes. We kick off Season 1 with a miniseries around pregnancy, antenatal care, birth, and breastfeeding amidst the current COVID19 pandemic, and equip you with knowledge and confidence for a better pregnancy and birthing Journey.

We then hit the ground running on ALL things Pregnancy, Birth Preparation and Postpartum movement, as well as relationships, mental health, sex after childbirth, and everything in between. Nothing is off-limits, and if you have a burning question or pregnancy/ postpartum expert you want to hear from, hit us up via our Instagram @lennyroseactive, or our contact page.

We exist for you, by you, and endeavour to make the motherhood journey just that little bit smoother.

XO – Rosie

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